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jeudi 20 mars 2008

En vrac


[1] Firefox 3 is so much better than Safari (and Firefox 2) that I’m going to stick with it full-time. It uses less memory than Safari, feels a lot faster, has a nicer interface, supports multiple search engines, and currently gets my thumbs up as the best browser of the moment. I can’t believe it feels faster than Safari, but there you go.

jeudi 26 avril 2007

Wikipedia is on a CD, and Mozilla is backstage

Daniel mentioned it earlier, just like Slashdot, there is a version of Wikipedia on CD. A few amusing facts about this:

  • It's based on XULRunner (confirmed by a quick phone conversation with the main developer)
  • It's made by a French company, Linterweb, based in the small country-side town of Val de Reuil, Normandy, France
  • Linterweb has nothing to do with article selection (which is done by the Editorial Team, itself part of the Wikimedia Community)
  • This is actually the second time that XULRunner is used to do CD-versions of Wikipedia, the first one (also by French people) being MoulinWiki (see their blog), which I already mentioned here, last January. The main difference between the two is that MoulinWiki does not include images, therefore it stores a lot more articles on a single CD. Also, the Mac version of MoulinWiki is written using WebKit (only the Windows and Linux versions are XULRunner-based). Update: Renaud Gaudin, the MoulinWiki developer, tells me that their next release will be XULRunner based (, including the Mac Universal Binary version.