Fosdem '08 is over. Like every year, Mozilla volunteers gather in Brussels and spend 2 days working together and socializing. This year's edition was the best edition ever. Everything was here to make this a perfect event: a packed schedule, a room full of contributors[1], loads of fun, Belgian chocolate, exciting graphs, impromptu hacking sessions, more than a hundred silly friends, T-shirts that are so great that you have to try them on on the spot, ridiculous bowling shoes, gorgeous cakes, and a good excuse to celebrate.

I wanted to link to several blog posts about this event, but I just won't: in true Mozilla tradition, everything is on the Wiki, with links to photo albums, blog posts and all!

This was a super-duper event, and thanks a bunch to all of the people who have made it possible, with extra karma points to Anne-Julie (and her amazing organizing skills), Pascal (for keeping the rooming list under control), and Brian, who had prepared an impressive line-up of talks.

See you next year!


[1] That's actually the only lowdown of the event: the room was a little too full, but we managed to swap with the OpenSuse's room - thanks folks! - because it was really warm in there, to the point that it was renamed :-)