As we're getting closer to release Firefox 3 (in June), I'm often asked why should people switch from their existing browser, which was bundled with their PC. The short answer is that their old browser is obsolete, and I genuinely mean this. But this leaves too little space for people to really understand the actual benefits of using Firefox 3. So I whipped up the following list:

Ten reasons to choose Firefox 3 over your obsolete browser

Safer browsing

  • 1 - Proven security track record, with more frequent, transparent updates, so that you use a safer browser
  • 2 - malware protection to be protected against unwanted downloads such as viruses and trojan horses

Better browsing, with thousands of improvements

  • 3 - Awesome bar, so that you can find places you've been before with a couple of keystrokes
  • 4 - "Save on exit" so that when you launch Firefox, you're immediately ready to surf, with last windows and tabs open
  • 5 - Remember passwords without a dialog box, so that you decide to save the password after you've logged-in
  • 6 - New download manager, users can pause a download and resume it later, with a search box to easily retrieve previous downloads
  • 7 - Customizable: change the look and feel (themes) and add features (extensions) to Firefox through the built-in add-ons manager. More than 5,000 community-built extensions are available for free!

Better performance

  • 8 - Fastest on complex Web applications, such as GMail so you are more comfortable, even on old machines
  • 9 - Uses less memory than any other browser, so you'll get more mileage out of your computer
  • 10 - Moving the Web forward by supporting advanced Web standards so that the Web keeps evolving and benefits users in the long term.

I tried to sneak in the Open-Source / Free / Libre concept in here, but as I try to stay as concrete as possible, I found it hard to make clear in a few words why this was directly benefitting users...