A couple of weeks ago, Chris Anderson (from TED fame) made a great speech in Paris about the Web, its dangers and its promises. Chris described the Web as a "giant brain", which had a "global IQ". The video is now available to the public.

In his conclusion – while showing a picture of kids in Pakistan (where Chris was raised), kids getting little access to education – Chris explained that the mobile Web could give access to the knowledge and education in ten years from today.

Chris' final sentence was:

If you are working on something who's going to boost global IQ, I salute you, because what you're doing is a gift of love to these children and to all of us.

This sentence did resonate a lot for me. While we, at Mozilla, do not solve World hunger not cure cancer, we're part of this wonderful thing we call the Web, and we are actually "boosting the global IQ", by enabling people to participate the way they can, where they are. We're helping people use the Web, but also build the Web. In this regard, I think we, at Mozilla, do boost the global IQ, even if it's at a tiny level. We should be proud of this.