My dear nerdy friends, just picture this:

  • a big bar where you can have drinks with friends, with good and inexpensive beer
  • a computer museum in which half of the items displayed are things that you have owned or used 20 years ago and the other half were pictured in your wildest dreams. Oh, and you can play with the computers on display, too!
  • a Cybercafé all made with Free Software running on recycled computers, with a really fast Internet connection, whose motto is "all our code are belong to you" :-D
  • a big place where you meet FLOSS enthusiasts, artists, students
  • a country where the mountains (where you can ski) are close to the sea (where you can swim), where the architecture is wonderful and where Firefox has 35% market share.

All of this does exist, all in one place. It's called Kiberpipa and it's the place where the Slovenian community had organized an amazing Firefox 3 launch, including a press conference, an afternoon of talks and a wonderful party at night.

Orange, blue, and burning: the Firefox cocktail

Free, orange, blue, and burning: the Firefox cocktail

The event was just perfect. It's hard to explain, you had to be there. Gandalf and myself where lucky enough to be there. We experienced:

I'd like to thank a whole lot all the people who have made this wonderful event possible, including the Kiberpipa staff (extra kudos to Katja, Klemen and Andras), the sponsors (including Zemanta, who builds a very promising Firefox add-on) and the Information Science Students Association of the Ljubljana University.

I loved the place, the event, and everything. I'll be back! :-)