Firefox 3 release party banner in Slovenia

A couple of months ago, the team over at Kiberpipa has contacted us in order to organize a Firefox event in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The schedule of the event was just announced. It's going to be a busy day, with a press conference, followed by talks about Mozilla (Zbigniew will help, too) and of course, a party.

Slovenia is a very interesting country in many regards. It's certainly not big (2 million citizens, 150 times smaller than the US!), but Internet penetration is quite high at 62% and the economy is quite strong.

Firefox market share in Slovenia has been measured at 35% in Feb. 2008 by local firm Iprom, which is pretty close to Poland (39.4%, according to Gemius) and Hungary (38.7% accoring to Gemius), who are leading the world's adoption of Firefox.

I'm looking forward meeting with the Slovene community to discuss with them about how we can empower them even more!