With more than 8 million downloads, the Download Day is an amazing success. Firefox 3 market share, measured in real time by Net Applications is North of 6%, just 36 hours after the launch. But besides download numbers, the idea of setting a Guinness book record was immensely effective to get the word out. It was super effective in mobilizing our 180 million users and the members of the press. Press coverage has been amazing in all countries, including US&UK, France, Italy, Germany and Spain (there is no Google News in Poland). Not only the coverage is beyond amazing, it has also enabled Mozilla to reach a new level in terms of Open-Source visibility for itself, for the Mozilla Manifesto (our all of our values) and for the whole Open-Source / Free Software world. For all these reasons, I'm super proud to be part of it. Thanks a 8.3 million to all of you who have made this possible. To quote Schrep:

If you've filed a bug, translated a string, written code, worked on an add-on, supported the development infrastructure, or helped to explain Firefox to someone else, you were part of making Firefox 3 a success.

But back to the topic I wanted to address, with a very short list of big media that have published content about Firefox[1]:




Germany & Austria





Thanks a bunch for the people who made this possible from a PR standpoint (on top of the amazing product): Mitchell, John, Schrep, Beltzner, Paul, Mary, Melissa, Nicole, the Outcast team, Anne-Julie, Jane, Giuliano, Francesco, Pascal, Abdulkadir, Victoria, Dominique, Sian, Ben, Ralf, Thomas, Pierre, Hélène, Antoine, Juan, Belen, Nukeador, Guillermo, Diana, Giuseppe, Zbigniew, Agnieszka, Magda, Piotr, Jolanta, Stas and every community members[2] that have been involved in the PR part of this amazing launch...

At Mozilla, we're inventing something BIG. What's cool is that the world is starting to notice!


[1] I may update it if I find time...

[2] feel free to suggest names in the comments, there are so many people involved that I have certainly forgot to mention key people!