Team Photo

Most of the Mozilla team in Prague (photo by Ludovic Hirlimann, used under CC-BY-NC license)

There are so many things to say about European Moz Camp 09 – which took place in Prague last week-end – I just can't get started…

I'll try to describe it anyway. It was:

  • Energizing. For example, I had a blast discussing about motivation with Milos, our Serbian localizer, among many other.
  • Super informative, with tons of sessions, keynotes and no less than 4 tracks (QA, Dev, L10n and Advocacy).
  • Full of interactions, the one you can't have on IRC, conference calls or Bugzilla
  • Exciting (having Mike Beltzner explain the Firefox roadmap was great, but having him understand better the community in Europe was even better)
  • Fun (involving laughter, friends, geeky humor and local beer).

Every single minute I have spent there was exciting, and I'd like to thank for this all the people involved in making this event happen (at the risk of forgetting a couple dozen names!).

  1. First and foremost, the lead organizers, William and Irina, all those who helped on this topic. If there were glitches (and nothing can be perfect on an event of this size!), I did not hear of them! [1]
  2. The track organizers who have built a wonderful program with the speakers
  3. All the volunteers who were willing to showed up
  4. Mark Surman, Mike Beltzner and Glyn Moody for taking time out of their busy schedule

There are tons of posts, pictures and tweets that have been published around #eumozcamp09. But if there were only 2 things to see if you haven't been able to attend, they would be the following:

I'm looking forward a similar event next year, with FOSDEM next February in the meantime. See you there!

A couple of blog posts and photo albums from around Europe

Pictures & videos


[1] Special shout out to Fuzzyfox, Irina and many others…

[2] I'm told that some doctors are already recommending it to people who suffer from depression ;-)