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vendredi 23 mars 2007

Actu Mozilla

Plein de choses, dont des petits bouts d'avenir vus dans la boule de cristal de Firefox 3... Miam !

mercredi 10 janvier 2007

The Mozilla Organization is doing amazingly well in the European press

I was just given a link to two reports from Apollo research:

  1. the Apollo 500 (PDF, 126 KB) ranks the 500 companies that received most media coverage in December in the UK;
  2. The Apollo Europe survey (PDF, 138 KB) "shows the technology companies that received the most press coverage in twelve European countries".

And man, we can be proud of what the Mozilla project has been achieved!

Over all Europe, Mozilla is listed #18, along with Microsoft, Apple, Google, Nintendo, Yahoo, Sony, Adobe, Nokia, YouTube and Skype!

Here is a list of countries and respective rank for the Mozilla organization:

  • Austria: 26th
  • Belgium: 20th
  • Denmark: 13th
  • France: 9th
  • Germany: 22nd
  • Italy: 25th
  • The Netherlands: 16th
  • Norway: 23rd
  • Spain: 41st
  • Sweden: 14th
  • Switzerland: 10th
  • UK: 35th.

This is amazingly good results considering the small size of the team. If there is a conclusion to be drawn here, it's that nothing, including deep pockets, beats a great story, a great product, a great community of users and dedicated evangelists working together in the same direction.