J'ai plein d'idées, d'interrogations, de spéculations sur les sujets suivants, mais le temps me manque... Voici donc quelques liens qui devraient vous faire réfléchir :

L'emphase est de mon fait dans cette citation de Brendan Eich :

One way of evaluating Adobe's success in open-sourcing Flex will be to look for more than just added components and widgets, and discern higher-level as well as different platform tiers. For instance, would patches to add a web-targeted compiler back end, in addition to the Flash Player SWF-targeted back end that's there now, be accepted if they were developed? Or how about harmonizing XUL and MXML, making changes to underlying layout and widget models on both sides in order to converge the two, so that (with trivial XML vocabulary translation) MXML could be interpreted by browsers that support XUL, as well as compiled into a SWF bound for the Flash Player?

Et vous, vous en pensez quoi ?