Raise your hand if you like the Open Web! @ Nonick Conference, Bilbao, Spain

Raise your hand if you like the Open Web! Nonick crowd cheering for the Open Web, taken from the stage

Last Friday, I gave a talk at the Nonick Conference in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain. I've put the slides on Slideshare.net: [The Open Web approach |http://www.slideshare.net/nitot/the-open-web-approach|en]. I hope to have the audio and/or the video to publish soon, if the organizers can provide me with the files.

I encourage you to view the slides, but here is what I discussed:

  • Cross-platform development (Windows/Mac/Linux) is hard, but Mobile development makes things even harder
  • The Open Web can be a solution especially since HTML5 and related technologies enable developers to build much richer applications, with video, audio, 3D,
  • I gave demos from Web Of Wonders
  • I discussed how cool it would be to have the benefits of App Stores for the Web (discovery, sense of ownership, monetization), without the negative part (centralization, possible censorship, lack of choice), as communicated a few months ago by Jay Sullivan.

I also gave a couple of TV interviews with the EITB (Basque regional TV and Website):