Explaining what Open Source means is always a challenge. First, you have to explain what "source code" is. Good luck with that! And if the people you're talking to have not run away or fallen asleep, then you have to explain that people contribute to the code. If there is someone still listening to you, chances are that he or she is already convinced by Open Source... But the notions of participation, community and innovation are central to the Mozilla project. They're also a key differentiator with the "blue E". There must be a better way.

Firefox in Motion video screenshot

Enter Laurent (an Ubuntu and Firefox user) and his team, who decided to donate some of their time and skills to tackle this issue with their favorite tool: video.

Here are the (fantastic) results in HD:

  • Director: Julien Gilles de la Londe
  • Soundtrack: Raphael Fiorda[1]
  • Management: Laurent Fraisse for Ozprod

This video is under

Of course, in the spirit of the Open Web and Open Source, this video is available under a Creative Commons license BY-NC-SA and several formats (including Ogg Theora[2]) so that you can remix it and localize it!

Congratulations to Laurent, Julien and Raphaël for their amazing community work, very cool ideas and superb execution!

P.S.: pass the word on your blog if you have one: this work deserves to be seen by many people!


[1] It really sounds like a Mobi song. Really cool!

[2] Also in HD