As some mozillians may have noticed, since the recent Barcelona event, I'm spending some of my time helping Mark Surman (recently appointed Executive Director for Mozilla Foundation) with regards to the 2010 goals.

I have encouraged Mozilla contributors to discuss goals by email, and now I'm trying another format.

Since I was in Mountain View (California) last week, I had a quick video interview with Mitchell Baker about the Mozilla 2010 goals:

Mitchell Baker - 2010 goals (short version)

Tiffney has done a transcript of the video so that it's more accessible. Here is an excerpt, as Mitchell explains why Mozilla needs these 2010 goals:

The main thing that's important about goals is making sure that the Mozilla community is motivated to participate and that what we're doing as an organization is something we're all proud of and want to be a part of. So many people, thousands, tens of thousands, donate their time and effort and energy, so we want to make sure that the broad directions that we're moving in are goals that motivate us, and that if we look up at the end of 2010 we're all happy with what we've accomplished. So that's one, and I guess as to why we're different or what's different about it — these are really high-level goals. They're broad goals. They're not management tools to track and measure people's performance. These are aspirational and that's because of the kind of community we are which is thousands of people each making their own decisions as to what's important about the Web and what we want. So the goals are supposed to be something that people can say "Yes, that makes sense to me, I want that to happen. I'm going to go out and do X" in a very distributive way where each person makes many of their own decisions about what they do and yet we're all comfortable that we're moving in a general direction that's good.

I encourage the broad Mozilla community to participate to the goals discussion. It's simple:

  1. read Mitchell's post about proposed 2010 goals and pick the part that gets you excited. Is it Mozilla's role? community development? What we could do around data (more about this in a future video post here)? Mobile? Mindshare and market share? Pick your topic!
  2. Give feedback. There are many ways to give feedback.
    1. Leave a comment below[1]
    2. Visit the Mozilla.Governance Newsgroup and respond to the appropriate thread
    3. Visit the 2010 Goals wiki page and follow the instructions.

Now there is another way to participate today. As some of you may have seen, today is the Support Firefox Day, 4th edition. During this event, discussions related to the 2010 goals will take place on IRC at 14:30 (Central European time, that is GMT+1), with Mozilla's Swedish rock star, David Tenser (the event starts at 13:00, but the Goals part is at 14:30). More details on David's post and on the Support Firefox Day 4 page. Later in the day at 12:30 (Pacific time, GMT-8), a similar discussion will happen with Mitchell herself. Be there or be square! ;-)


[1] Don't let the FR form intimidate you. Use a nickname and fake email address or if you want. Click on Prévisualiser (preview), proofread your comment, then click again on Envoyer (Send). It's easy! Comments are moderated, so don't freak out if you don't see it right away.