I was told that Linus Torvalds has a blog. I'm a big fan of Linus. He's pragmatic and direct (and very smart too, but we all knew it).

Linus mentions that he's written a piece of software which monitors the time his kids spend on-line.

(...) you can get it (...) if you want to play around with it. It's not fancy, it has no docs, no installation instructions etc, but if people are actually interested, I'll be happy to help. Why? Because I've always noticed that my own projects get so much better if others are involved, even if it's just as a user...

This is indeed true about the Linux Kernel, but pretty much every piece of software.

Oh, and Linus runs Firefox, too! (as mentioned in his post about SSD). That's another high-profile Firefox user, along with Vint Cerf (and the next to 200 million Firefox users, even if they're not as high profile as Linus and Vint Cerf...).

Edit: this blog has been posted from Tampere, Finland, and Linus happens to be Finnish... Funny coincidence!