I arrived yesterday night (1 AM!) in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. The place is supposed to be wonderful, but I did not get to see much of it so far: either its was dark or pouring (but who cares, I'm here for the people, the ideas and the energy, not the landscape!). We arrived to late to enjoy the party, but it looks like it was great. William has pictures and more details.

Mitchell's keynote

This morning, after an intro by John, Mitchell has delivered a really good speech describing Mozilla.

Mitchell doing her keynote

Mitchell doing her keynote

Here are the notes I took. Mitchell used a tree metaphor to describe what Mozilla is.

Trunk: Human interaction with the Internet. Our mission: "How do we make Internet life better for human beings?"

Our roots (not visible, but essential to what we are, our DNA):

  • Open Source License is the legal term. I use "Equal participation" instead. It goes with the right to fork.
  • Peer review and meritocracy. It's a very unusual, even radical idea.
  • Distributed, earned authority
  • Shared public asset
  • Public benefit

Our branches, what people can actually see:

  • Consumer products
  • Employees
  • Legal organizations. Useful tools, but very poor ways to understand what we are.
  • Outreach and other activities. Marketing, in other words.
  • Revenue "Not even relevant to other companies that ship a browser. We're living in a world of giants.

There are a couple of branches (on the drawing) without tags. This is what we're going to do here at the summit: figuring out what those new branches are going to be.

"What can we do with our products and technology that moves the Internet further towards the Mozilla vision?"

We're here to discuss how to deepen Mozilla's role as *a* centerpiece of the Internet.

The general session Q&A

Mitchell's keynote was followed by a really interesting Q&A session with John, David, Mark, Brendan and Mitchell.

Q&A session on Tuesday morning

Q&A session on Tuesday morning

Misc links

A few links if you want to follow what's happening (a lot) during this event: