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As Jay Sullivan puts it,

What makes LiMo especially attractive for Mozilla is that it’s all about code, where previous efforts around mobile Linux have been more focused on developing standards. We intend to participate actively in all aspects of the LiMo platform that relate to Web browsing, Web widgets/runtimes and security. We also plan to share our experiences with building successful open-source communities.

This is a great step for Mozilla. Our engineering team has worked very hard over the last couple of years to prepare for mobile. Our platform is now faster and leaner in the more constrained hardware and network environment of mobile phones. We’ve worked well with Nokia on shipping a Mozilla-based browser on the N810, which is a Linux-based device. We’re working on Firefox for Windows Mobile. Adding LiMo to our set of target platforms will further broaden our impact in the mobile environment.

Here is the LiMo Foundation press release.

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