Firefox market share in Europe, source:
Firefox market share in Europe, source:

Firefox market share in Europe, source :

3 pieces of news have just appeared on my radar, all of them related to Firefox success in Europe:

  1. According to Xiti, Firefox is getting close to 29% in Europe. The increase is 4.5 percentage points on the past 12 months. I suppose Xiti is going to publish an English version of their study soon, like they usually do. In the meantime, today is a great opportunity to dust off your rusty French ;-)
  2. According to Gemius (, Firefox 2 is now the leading browser version in Hungary. It passed IE 6 last week. Internet Explorer, all versions combined, is still the leading browser. Gandalf has more details.
  3. Also according to Gemius (, Firefox 2 passed IE 6 this week in Poland, at 34.7%. IE is still leading the market if we combine both all versions.

Here is an excerpt I've sent earlier today to the team, who's leading the localization and promotion efforts in Poland, explaining why it's good news:

  1. It's good for Firefox and the Mozilla project, demonstrating that we have the ability to ship a great product, useful to millions of users
  2. It's good for the FLOSS movement, as we demonstrate the ability for such technology to beat the proprietary approach, including its most powerful representative, Microsoft.
  3. It's good for the Web. IE 6 is less and less used, and better, more standards-compliant browsers are replacing it. Thanks to better browsers, we're helping the Web to be innovative again.


Keep up the good work!