More and more people send me messages through Facebook internal email system (called inbox), and I've just decided that I won't use it anymore. There are several reasons for this:

  • I like email better than the crappy inbox facebook application
  • 95% of the messages sent through that system are uninteresting and/or irrelevant
  • I have chosen my email client, and it's much more powerful than facebook
  • There is no crappy advertising when I use Thunderbird
  • I don't trust Facebook when it comes to privacy
  • You don't have to have a Facebook account to send me email, and I think openness is much better than a closed application
  • For every message on inbox, I also get a notification in my email client, but I can't see the content unless I log on Facebook
  • With email, I own the data, which is not the case on Facebook. If I get kicked out from Facebook, I'll still have my email archives, but will lose access to everything that Facebook had about me.

Sending me email is more than welcome, but if you plan to use facebook to send me stuff, you may want to know that I'll ignore it. (adding me as a friend is ok, though).