Mitchell Baker just posted on her blog the 2006 revenue numbers for Mozilla. Once again, money is not how we measure success of the Mozilla project. Our impact on the industry, on the lives of our users are much more significant for us, but money ensures that we're sustainable and gives us options.

Coincidentally, I have found 2 quotes that really resonate with these news:

In the latest issue of Forbes[1], Mitchell is described like this:

She joined Netscape's legal staff in 1994, soon after the browser pioneer was created. She lasted through the company's downturn, precipitated by Microsoft's bundling of IE with Windows, a move the Justice Department determined was illegal. But the trustbusters couldn't resurrect Netscape. (...) "We're like a nongovernmental organization, with a revenue stream", says Baker. And evidently more effective than a bunch of government antitrust attorneys.

Matt Asay (a CNet Blogger) concludes:

Microsoft may talk about "Wow," but Mozilla is delivering it. Mozilla is one of the most interesting open-source projects ever conceived, partly because of the technology, but mostly because of its organization. (...) Great results, Mitchell and the Mozilla team/community. You deserve the success.


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