In my previous post, we have seen that in the early 2000's, the Web did not have a bright future. This is when the Mozilla project started to gain steam.

The Mozilla project uses a community-based approach to create world-class, open source software, and to develop new types of collaborative activities. We create communities of people involved in making the Internet experience better for all of us.

This sums it all:

  1. we ship great Open-Source software
  2. We do this with a community-based process
  3. we do it for a better Web experience for all of us.

But we don't want to be alone in this:

People are needed to make the Internet open and participatory - people acting as individuals, working together in groups, and leading others. The Mozilla Foundation is committed to advancing the principles set out in the Mozilla Manifesto. We invite others to join us and make the Internet an ever better place for everyone.

In my next post, I'll start discussing the 10 principles of the Mozilla Manifesto.

Since I'll be away, comments are closed on my blog. But readers and Mozilla contributors are invited to discuss the Mozilla Manifesto on the Mozilla.Governance mailing list / newsgroup.