Joost is another XULrunner App, and many people have already heard about it already, at least in its former name, The Venice Project. I'd love to share with my 2 readers a great piece of software I've been told about: MoulinWiki. Moulin is a great tool to spread encyclopedia knowledge to people without Internet connectivity. Very basically, it's an off-line version of Wikipedia with a specific interface, actually based on XULRunner, all running on a CD-ROM.

For now, this public preview (released yesterday) is only available in French, but other versions are in the works, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and German. I already have submitted my first RFEs to the team, as I plan to give this CD-ROM to my son Robin (10 years today[1]) so he can read Wikipedia on his old, not connected PC. However, Moulin is meant to be deployed in African schools were there are a few PCs with CD-ROM drives, but without Internet access. There are already places in Mali where Moulin has been deployed ! I love the fact that Mozilla technology is used with Wikipedia content in order to share culture and knowledge in remote places (including my son's desk ;-) )


[1] Happy Birthday, Robin!