I have an idea in order to promote the newer Mozilla products. I use it in all the various talks I do about Mozilla in Europe. I call it the BANG! Here goes the USB stick! routine. Here is what I say to the audience:

I carry with me a USB-stick/keyring with Firefox and the Flash plug-in. [Wave USB stick to the crowd]. I am sure it's the same for most power users: most of the times when I visit friends or my family, someone complains about viruses, pop-ups and spam, and ask me to fix their computer. So I "pop-up" my USB-key and install Firefox and the Flash plugin is less than a minute, then do a quick demo, show tab browsing, pop-up blocking, talk about extensions, mention security and try to find what feature could "hook" my friend to FireFox, then demonstrate it. It works everytime and takes less than 5 minutes. You could do the same with Thunderbird if spam is an issue for the person you're talking to. I've done this quite a few times, and people are really happy and excited to get an elegant solution to their computer problems. You too can buy a USB stick and do the same. That way, the World (Wide Web) can become safer and more fun.

I can promise that everytime I do this little routine, the crowd gets really excited, and has at least a good laugh. (An me too, by the way). (Text taken from a comment I left on Blake Ross' blog).