Discussion --via messagerie instantanée-- à propos d'OpenWeb avec mon collègue et ami Eric Meyer, auteur de CSS/Edge et de livres sur les CSS. En voici une reproduction partielle :

Eric: Who did the design for the OpenWeb site?

Tristan: http://emmanuel.clement.free.fr/ who did 2 of my alternate style sheets, too

Eric: It's really nice. Did it start as a graphic file and you figured out how to structure and style it, or was it created as an HTML+CSS file?

Tristan: html+CSS. The guy does the CSS himself, and the markup too. We worked together on navigation/IA

Eric: Very cool. Please pass on my compliments to him on both his design sense and technical abilities. I'm quite impressed by what he's done.

Tristan: will do. He will be impressed, I think he's one of your admirers.